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Soybean Summit: Home Edition


Campaign Overview

The Soybean Summit is the leading event for farmers, CCAs and other soybean industry stakeholders to learn the latest soybean agronomic and agribusiness management information. The challenge for the 2021 event was to figure out how we could successfully host the first-ever virtual Soybean Summit. With a little social distancing and a virtual twist, “Say Hello: Home Edition” was born. Deploying the brightly colored checkerboard theme and a comprehensive media promotion strategy, we knew we would be able to grab the attention of as many potential attendees as possible.

Online Agenda

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Digital Ads

Social Posts

There’s still time to register for the 2021 Soybean Summit! Say Hello to the latest in yield and profitability information from the comfort and safety of home. Sign up for free today.

Register for the 2021 Virtual Soybean Summit and say hello to the latest in agribusiness, agronomy & sustainable production.

As we stay apart it’s important that we stick together. Sign up for the 2021 Virtual Soybean Summit at LINK, and receive and share ideas about the latest in soybeans.

Say hello to Illinois’ premier soybean event from the safety and comfort of your home at the 2021 Virtual Soybean Summit.

Join the 2021 Virtual Soybean Summit and get the latest tips and info from industry experts in this premier 3-day event.

Preroll Video

Keynote sessions and breakout presentations from the 2021 ILSoyAdvisor Soybean Summit: Home Edition. Visit ILSoyAdvisor.com to learn more, subscribe to weekly updates, and stay up-to-date on the latest agronomic, sustainability, and agribusiness management information from ISA.


The virtual Soybean Summit had “the highest number of registrations ever seen” with 641 total registrations for the first-ever virtual Soybean Summit.
A typical in-person Soybean Summit has around 300 registrations.

Digital ads achieved around 203,838 impressions in just 3 months of the campaign.

Paid Facebook posts were the best tactic, earning 65,451 impressions and a 20.96% engagement rate

84 total organic social posts across 7 social accounts earned 87,371 impressions

Farm Journal Triggered Eblasts had a 38.1% open rate

Post-event surveys indicated the event was overwhelmingly well-received

After the post-event extension eblasts were deployed, total views of the session recordings increased by 426