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Peace-of-mind campaign leads to more “ahhh” and increased “ka–ching.”

With the state of corn prices making growers hesitant to purchase new equipment, Calmer Corn Heads knew they needed to do something significant to address the malaise. They also had a strong desire to make it all happen on a highly disciplined budget.

Multiple C.O.nxt teams stepped in to strategize with Calmer on their next best move. Together, we settled on print as the most cost-effective option for the available resources. We also made sure the resulting ads would break through the same-old-same-old imagery that’s all too prevalent in many of the targeted publications.

Calmer Corn Heads

Print advertising.

Residue managed. soil protected. peace of mind achieved.

Each ad in the series focuses on a specific product benefit—and all stressed the peace of mind these products could help the target audience achieve. We wanted growers to relax knowing residue management had been significantly improved. Even in uncertain times, we needed them to know they could count on Calmer Corn Heads stalk rolls and upgrade kits for better soil protection immediately and easier planting in the spring.

“It’s not easy to create a traditional print campaign that actually stands out and delivers sales—and that’s what has made this effort so rewarding.”

Christine Santana, Creative Services

Relax, you got this. That’s the message that was clearly and engagingly delivered to target audiences with the eye-catching graphics in this campaign. Compelling copy spells out exactly how Calmer Corn Heads products help growers cut, chop and shear cornstalks into confetti-like residue for unmatched decomposition. And yes, that’s a very good thing.

Calmer’s patented BT Chopper® replacement stalk rolls and residue management upgrade kits help growers solve residue management challenges at a fraction of the cost of a new OEM corn head. And this campaign clearly communicates that message at a fraction of the cost of a less-strategic, less-targeted campaign.

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