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Driving strategic digital engagement.

Here’s a delicious digital challenge–how do you help a global tastemaker bring together its top five food and beverage brands to deliver on its mission to delight and nourish everyone, everywhere, every day?

The solve starts by serving up an airtight digital and branding strategy that positions parent brand Kerry Foodservice as a full-menu solution provider with a portfolio of complementary products.

Stir in a blend of artfully connecting tactics and spice it up with creative content that nimbly flexes to suit the tastes of business and consumer audiences to drive sales demand for unique, trending and crazy-inventive food and beverage menu offerings.

Every sip, every bite: Infusing the world with flavor.

Helping to drive the flavor revolution.

What does it take to turn fresh, local veggies into authentic Italian, crunchy-pickled or caramelized favorites in a fraction of the time? Kerry Foodservice’s Chef’s Pass and the C.O.nxt crew, creating the brand story, digital design, how-to product videos and a host of digital content.

With a brand refresh for Big Train®, a gourmet beverage market leader that delivers easy-prep beverage mixes to menus world-over.

“Helping shape the Kerry Foodservice brand story through social and digital communications with separate audiences was an exciting challenge to tackle for such a large company.”

Jen Wallace, VP of Creative Services

A tasty connection: monthly emails.

Kerry Foodservice eNewsletters deliver sizzle to targeted B-to-B audiences. Appetizing promotions and timely sends helped bring in more than $65,000 worth of revenue.

Being sociable with the right audiences.

Serving up shareable trends and recipes. Receiving brand love from consumer fans. Fact: DaVinci Gourmet® yearly engagement was up 4.06%.

Building a destination for business-to-business brands to show new menu solutions. Oregon Chai® yearly engagement rose 3.51%.

Golden dipt.

Challenge: Shake up perception.

From pretzel-ed pork chops to perfectly crisping the latest it-vegetable—trusted staples to menu exclusives—when it comes to coatings, Golden Dipt® is the easy, fast answer. So how does it demonstrate that everyone can get consistently delicious results every time?

Solution: With value-added digital assets like this video used to shake up sales training, sales meetings, back of house training, online and more.

Oregon chai.

Challenge: Get more bang for the cup.

How to resonate with Oregon Chai®’s very active consumer audience with relevant, innovative recipe videos—on a budget.

Solution: Our nimble content team understands how to connect to a target audience. It’s not quantity, it’s quality. These short, quick recipe videos for use on social did the trick, garnering 24.1K impressions in just 3 videos.

Davinci gourmet.

Challenge: Bringing something to the table for everyone.

Solution: Flexing digital content for DaVinci Gourmet® to maintain very successful audiences in both business and consumer markets.

Island oasis.

Challenge: Helping operators get ahead of trends with value-added solutions.

Whether its margaritas or Moscow mules, Island Oasis® mixes hit the flavor jackpot every time. Our job? Fuel demand with game-changing recipes and mouth-watering inspiration delivered to operators for their consumers via email, video and social platforms.

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