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It’s what’s inside that counts.

When your organization includes more than 35,000 restaurants on six continents, what you do and what you say matters to millions of people. McDonald’s knows this better than most. That’s why when they decided to recommit to sustainability and the future of their company, they had to make their words count.

Over the course of several months we sat at a table with a cross-functional team of quick service bigwigs to help them map their sustainability journey and bring it to life. We guided them in setting goals and telling meaningful stories that would demand the attention of stakeholders and influencers, setting the stage for a future of change.


We worked closely with McDonald’s to help them develop and finalize a Global Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability Report, including the development of five pillars that would structure their aspirations to create shared value for their business and their communities. The pillars not only set the stage for this elaborate report, but for the entire future of the company.

“With a customer-centric, practical strategy, C|O delivered big time with a fresh, innovative and authentic communication approach to McDonald’s new sustainability framework.”

Bob Langert, Retired VP, Sustainability,
McDonalds Corporation

Responsible sourcing practices that address future sustainability deserve to be shared with the world. This print ad, which ran in The Wall Street Journal, announced McDonald’s as the first U.S. restaurant chain to adopt the Marine Stewardship Council’s blue ecolabel for its fish packaging.

True sustainability requires collaboration at every level, from the ranch to the C-Suite. We followed McDonald’s Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility Bob Langert as he met with cattle ranchers from across the country to open up the conversation about how to work together for sustainability.

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