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Building a brand from the name up.

When Zoetis needed to introduce a novel endectocide into a mature category where resistance was generally understood to be a global challenge, they turned to us to help create a winning brand. Our work included name and logo development complete with a comprehensive linguistics check and exhaustive global testing across multiple countries. We then helped strategize and execute the initial launch of Novotik in Brazil, Australia and the UK.

“Zoetis is keen on delivering the right solutions. They believe in the branding process and understand how, done thoughtfully, it can create global acceptance. We love that notion.”

-Matt Olson, Client Service

Novotik exists to give you power over ticks.

The why was defined and executed across four key characteristics: powerful, transformative, inspiring and helpful. For cattle producers seeking a long-lasting and efficacious solution against ticks, Novotik was the new ectoparasiticide with an exclusive molecule that keeps cattle free from ticks longer. This injection control created a campaign approach that elevated the idea and became a creative device for easy translation across multiple languages. The campaign included print ads, packaging and sales tools. We then developed a phase 2 campaign approach for countries to infuse into their rotation once there was market penetration.

Roadmap for global branding.

As we wrapped up our efforts on Novotik, our next Zoetis branding challenge was upon us. The approach was like riding a bike. We believed in the process and followed our global branding protocol to create Zoetis’ premiere de-wormer. Valcor is the first combination injectable that kills both susceptible and the resistant endoparasites that no longer respond to existing products. It’s brand promise was built on the key characteristics: smart, resourceful, assertive and tough. Logo development, packaging, print ads and sales tools were all deployed as well as a mode of action video that delivered a deep dive into the science of the product. The words may be hard to say (doramectin-levamisole!) but the story is clear and powerful.

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