C.O.nxt ❧ Best of NAMA 2022 submission ❧ Category 48

Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production Social Media Campaign

Campaign Overview

A revised social strategy and corresponding KPIs were established and executed upon this year to help ensure the brand’s social platforms remain in step with the business goals of the organization. Social channels are intended to continue to communicate with ARM & HAMMER’s wide range of audience and stakeholder groups with timely, insightful and relevant content. Social delivers meaningful, valuable content to these diverse groups in a way that stays true to the brand’s identity while also helping further business objectives.

Top Performing Facebook Posts

Dr. Steve Larsen

“Meat” this BBQ loving, plane-crash-surviving, deep sea fishing #ScienceHearted expert. Steve Larsen knows an integrated approach to tackling problems is the best way to get things done—and that collaborating brings you the best possible solutions.

What a year to put behind us—after first taking a close look at a year filled with disruptions and how they could impact our 2021 decisions. In the latest episode of “Food Chain Chats,” Roger Beers discusses the past, present and future of food safety and food production. Don’t miss it. #ScienceHearted

Proven Path to Transition Success

Cations, anions, metabolizable protein, oh my. What’s the actual impact on your bottom line caused by transition health challenges and what strategies will help you address them? Dr. Elliot Block tackles that topic head-on in this insightful, #ScienceHearted article.

Top Performing LinkedIn Content

A-MAX consistent milk production

Consistent milk production and quality when it matters most—that’s what you get with A-MAX™. It’s the #ScienceHearted way to prepare your dairy cows for the demands of growth, production and maintenance. Learn more here.


Meet ARM & HAMMER™. Taking our #ScienceHearted approach, we integrate diverse technologies to benefit animal and food production systems around the world—and we’re ready to help with your unique challenges.

World Pork Expo

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for the pork industry. And we’re proud to support it as a sponsor of World Pork Expo from June 9-11. #ScienceHearted


2,670 new LinkedIn followers gained, a 579% increase over followers gained in previous year

91% of new LinkedIn following earned via paid international advertising efforts on the channel

Ad campaign targeting international audiences on LinkedIn garnered 1.5 million impressions

1,490 new Facebook page likes recorded, a 106% increase over previous year

Launched Chinese WeChat page in country