C.O.nxt ❧ Best of NAMA 2022 submission ❧ Category 52

NUPLURA PH+ Launch Campaign

Campaign Overview

As Elanco Animal Health prepared to launch NUPLURA PH+, a new combination vaccine to help prevent the most pervasive respiratory diseases in beef and dairy cattle, rallying the allies was a critical step to success. The development of this email campaign and resource landing page for channel representatives, distributors, dealer stores and key veterinarians served as a foundational prelaunch strategy that enabled these audiences to prepare for the arrival of new products and educate themselves on the new products so that they could hit the ground running.

These audiences should feel informed about the new product offerings and prepared to order product on launch day. Ultimately, the audiences should be aware of the new products coming and excited for the opportunities that they represent.

Landing Page

Asset Libray


1/3 of product was purchased on day 1 of launch because the sales channel was primed for purchase

Product sold out faster than replenishment was anticipated

Dealer/Distributor Campaign: 285% open rate on 500+ emails sent (due to emails being forwarded)

Veterinarian Campaign: 78% open rate on 175+ emails sent