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AmpliSource Social Media Campaign

AmpliSource social media played an important role in bringing our target audiences along for the ride during the brand transition from Graybill Processing to AmpliSource. All Graybill followers on Facebook and LinkedIn were moved over to the new channels, with goals to inform them of the brand change, increase engagement and gain new followers. Social content buckets focused on the new brand, product solutions, supply chain sustainability and thought leadership, with a goal of educating followers and driving them to the new AmpliSource website.

Here’s our thought. What if the food chain, was actually more of a food circle? What would that world look like? That’s the question that drives our work each day. It’s at the heart of why we amplify every advantage. See our commitment.

We get it — changing from the status quo can be hard. But there are concrete reasons to use AmpliSource Edge or AmpliSource Max as a replacement energy source for corn, cottonseed or whatever else you might be using. An increase in daily gain for beef cattle, and gains in butterfat and protein components in dairy cattle. It’s proven. We have the studies to back it up. Check out high-energy feeds.​

Are you a visual learner? We sure are. That’s why we like to put our sustainability push into fun-fact snapshots. Like this—our byproduct diversion efforts have saved enough water for a city of 45,000. Pretty great, huh? That’s just one way we amplify every advantage. See sustainable solutions.

Looking for a way to maximize your herd’s performance?​

Here’s an easy place to start. AmpliSource Max contains more crude protein, simple sugars and crude fat than ground corn. Which means an increase in daily gain for beef cattle and an increase in butterfat and protein components in milk for dairy cows. And an increase in profits for you. See AmpliSource Max benefits.

What goes into AmpliSoure Max and Edge? Chocolate, pasta, nuts and more food byproducts. What do animals get out of it? Better Average Daily Gain in beef cows, and more butterfat and protein in dairy cows’ milk composition. That’s upcycling for the win-win.

The smaller your footprint, the larger your impact. That’s why sustainability lies at the heart of everything we do. But we also know we’re not the only ones out doing what we can. What are some ways you’ve reduced your footprint recently?

2021 RESULTS (June‑October)

Established an online presence that sets AmpliSource apart from the competition.

AmpliSource socials had 181,137 impressions and 13,807 reactions.

361+ website sessions from social posts