C.O.nxt ❧ Best of NAMA 2022 submission ❧ Category 45

ILSoyAdvisor Digital Campaign

Campaign Overview

Soybean growers are constantly being challenged to increase yields and remain profitable, and they are hungry for reliable, expert and unbiased information. ILSoyAdvisor has all the resources and tools to help growers exceed those goals, but visibility of the resources it provides to soybean growers remains low. The ILSoyAdvisor digital campaign increases visibility and encourages users to explore those resources through tactics like programmatic ads, digital display ads, Google Search ads, eblasts and paid social posts. With actionable tips from soybean experts, industry news and insights, connections to other Illinois farmers, blogs, webinars, podcasts and events, ILSoyAdvisor is the multi-purpose tool growers never want to farm without.

Digital Ads

Social Posts

Agronomy insights. Sustainability tips. Agribusiness guidance. Agtech updates. If it’s a soybean-boosting informational tool, it’s all right here in this toolbox. https://www.ilsoyadvisor.com/on-farm/ilsoyadvisor/home

If you want the right soybean tools you need to go to the right shop. Discover all the info you need to optimize your operation at https://www.ilsoyadvisor.com/on-farm/ilsoyadvisor/home

All your most important soybean yield-boosting tools, all right here in one handy place. https://www.ilsoyadvisor.com/on-farm/ilsoyadvisor/home

All the soybean advice, tips and info to help you grow better beans and improve profitability are in one place. https://www.ilsoyadvisor.com/on-farm/ilsoyadvisor/home


Google Search Ads earned 268,131 impressions and 5,903 clicks to learn more about what ILSoyAdvisor has to offer

Of the 5 eblasts sent, 451 recipients were encouraged to explore ILSoyAdvisor and its extensive resources with no incentives offered