C.O.nxt ❧ Best of NAMA 2022 submission ❧ Category 3

Papillon Premium Nutritional Products Campaign

Campaign Overview

The campaign has a heavy focus on featuring and establishing the brand—both Papillon as a company and each of the products as Papillon’s products. The campaign is cohesive and brings the products under one umbrella—something not previously achieved in creative materials which had a different concept for each brand. The materials help producers and nutritionists walk through the journey from awareness to consideration by informing and educating them, and then encouraging them to request a complimentary cost or savings analysis relevant to the product category (i.e., proteins, prebiotics and probiotics, buffers).

World Dairy Expo Campaign

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1.4M+ impressions

7,000+ unique website visits

1,200% increase website sessions (compared to the previous year)