C.O.nxt ❧ Best of NAMA 2022 submission ❧ Category 52

Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production: Marketing Automation Campaign

Campaign Overview

When meeting with dairy producers and influencers to explore the CERTILLUS product, the ARM & HAMMER team had found success by looking for a few tell-tale signs related to herd health or productivity that most often indicate presence of an underlying problem. The campaign was developed to reach dairy producers and nutritionists digitally with a message that, based on technical service and sales team feedback, was already known to be resonating when used in the field. It captured prospect attention quickly with easily digestible messaging designed to help audiences see themselves in the scenarios described and help generate curiosity. A mix of tactics was used to keep the message in front of key audiences, including custom eblasts, blog and social posts, an email drip campaign, and digital and retargeting ads.


Social Posts

Assessment sign up

Digital Ads

Project Wins

Provided opportunity to immediately respond to sales and technical service team feedback about product messages that were resonating with customers

Flexible, easily adaptable format created an avenue to develop and pilot new CERTILLUS messaging