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Illinois Farm Families
Farm Pop Up Event
Taste of Randolph

Illinois Farm Families

Illinois Farm Families (IFF) is a coalition comprised of representation from Illinois Farm Bureau, Illinois Beef Association, Illinois Soybean Association, Illinois Corn Marketing Board, Midwest Dairy, and Illinois Pork Producers Association. IFF’s mission is to work together to create confidence in Illinois farming practices and build Chicago parents’ trust in Illinois farmers by inviting and engaging in conversations about food and farming. Rather than ask busy Chicago families to visit a farm to ask their questions and learn about their food, this entry shows how IFF brought about awareness of IFF among urban adults and brought the farm to busy parents and families at one of Chicago’s most iconic and popular street festivals, Taste of Randolph.  

Prior to the event, IFF encouraged people attending Taste of Randolph to visit IFF’s booth using paid and organic social media, influencers, Google search ads, and digital banner ads.  

To encourage conversations between farmers and consumers during the event, attendees were invited by farmer volunteers to join them in: 

  • Playing cornhole to win a reusable sandwich bag, reinforcing conversations about sustainable farming 
  • Touring the mock kitchen and fridge stocked with food labeled with fun facts and QR codes that linked to stories about the food’s production, local origin, or other information that works to make a connection to the urban consumer 
  • Picking up recipes, quick meal ideas, and bento box lunch suggestions produced by influencers in partnership with IFF and featuring foods from the IFF coalition commodity members 
  • Collecting farm coloring pages and soy-based crayons to use with their children 
  • Picking up magnets off the booth fridge that had useful information on cooking temperatures, food substitutions, and measurement equivalents. 
  • Viewing the photo gallery featuring farmer photos. Each photo included the picture of the farmer, their location in Illinois, the crops they grow, and individual QR codes that linked to stories about how they are applying innovations on their farm to grow healthy food, support sustainability, and counter climate change.  

Another booth attraction that helped spread awareness of the brand was the IFF Photo Wall and Sweepstakes. Attendees who took a picture with the props, posted it on their Facebook and/or Instagram accounts, and tagged IFF would be entered into a random drawing for an IFF BBQ prize package.  

IFF also spread word about their presence at Taste of Randolph by contracting Chicago-based social influencer and registered dietitian Maggie Michalczyk @OnceUponAPumpkin, who made an appearance at the booth to answer consumers questions about nutrition and shared posts and a reel to her 79,000+ followers encouraging them to check out IFF and visit the booth at the street festival. Dietitians completing internships at Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center were also on-site to talk work with the farmers and converse with attendees. 



Hey, Chicago! Are you heading to @tasterandolph in a few weeks? Our booth visitors will have the chance to learn about Illinois grown foods from local experts, get exclusive recipes, and take home awesome items from our giveaways. Stay tuned to learn more.

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Looking for a fun way to spend Father’s Day weekend? Visit us at Chicago’s most iconic street fest! We’ll be at Taste of Randolph in the West Loop June 17-19 with some of our awesome farm families and a few surprise guests we’ll be announcing soon. Learn more at the link in our bio.

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Have nutrition questions about Illinois grown food? Registered dietitian Maggie Michalczyk of @onceuponapumpkin will be joining us Saturday, June 18 from 1-2 pm at Taste of Randolph answering your questions and talking all things nutrition. Learn more at the link in our bio.​

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Just 3 more days until Taste of Randolph kicks off! Be one of the first 1,000 visitors to our booth on Saturday, June 18 or Sunday, June 19 and receive a free Illinois Farm Families reusable grocery bag. Is your family planning to attend? Learn more at the link in our bio.​

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Bringing the Farm to Families at Taste of Randolph

Exposure to ≈ 80k attendees at one of Chicago’s most popular street festivals

Promotions seen by targeted Chicagoland parents over 170,000 times

Grew overall Chicago social reach to 60% of total reach – exceeding the reach goal of 20% of total

5k+ swag items distributed to promote brand

Inspired countless conversations between consumers and our farmer volunteers!