C.O.nxt ❧ Best of NAMA 2023 submission ❧ Category 3

Arm & Hammer
Animal and Food Production
The Power of &

Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production is uniquely positioned to provide products and technologies for both the animal production (live side) and food production (post-harvest) sides of animal agriculture. Communicating this connection in a concise, memorable way required a fresh take on the now-cliché phrase, “Farm to Fork.” The client challenged our team to come up with an exclusively ownable phrase. As so often happens during the creative process, the answer was right in front of us. Capitalizing on the distinctive ampersand in the iconic brand name, we coined the term, The Power of &. Originally intended merely to tell both sides of the business story, it quickly morphed into much more. It now also serves to convey the business unit’s belief in the power of addition, that there’s always one more opportunity waiting to be unlocked for customers. This expanded messaging proved especially valuable in creating global brand awareness in parts of the world less familiar with the ARM & HAMMER brand. It even helped tell the story of an internal reorganization that merged different teams into one integrated unit. The Power of & quickly aligned with all aspects of the business.






“The one and only unified team connecting all the links of the food chain, working together to meet emerging customer challenges and industry trends” 

“&—a simple symbol that represents so much more than a three-letter word”  

“The power of &—it’s in our name and in our #ScienceHearted DNA”  

“We are nutritional innovators, microbial pioneers & food safety experts.”