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You came. You networked. You bingo’d.

No need to prove that you completed the task. As an animal ag advocate, we know that you’re a person of honor and worthy of our trust. Just tell us a little bit about yourself if you want to learn more about partnership opportunities.


More about C.O.nxt and your consultation.

C.O.nxt is a 100 percent employee-owned communications agency serving purpose-driven brands that stand out in the ag and food industries—from the seed in the ground to the steak on the plate. In your free consultation, you can ask any questions you’d like about how to effectively communicate your ESG and/or CSR programs and initiatives. Or pick our brains about how to navigate difficult times for your organization. Whatever your journey, we can help guide you there.

More Ways to Partner with Animal Ag Alliance.

Want to get more involved in building a sustainable future for animal agriculture together? There are lots of ways for you to continue the conversation and join the cause.