Going All In on Allflex.

Real customers. Real results.

Allflex Livestock Intelligence (ALI) serves as the leader in dairy monitoring technology. We know this, because so many users have told us so. Dozens of dairy producers and veterinarians agreed to provide testimonials and welcomed us to their farms so they could share their experiences with Allflex. Each told their story of how Allflex monitoring solutions helped transform their dairies. They shared real-world, tangible outcomes that spanned beyond product features and benefits.

Producers trust producers.

These testimonials proved so effective, because producers believe fellow dairy men and women most of all. By repurposing and leveraging the customer success story content, we helped Allflex create a customer-focused, multi-channel campaign to generate awareness and strong leads that turn into sales.

“Usually, asking someone to go All In on an entire system is a lot. But when it comes from fellow producers, the message resonates in a powerful way. This was an opportunity to use past success to generate future wins, while harnessing the voice of customer for peer influence.”

Brittany Steuer, Executive VP, Client Services

Going All In.

A central theme emerged from the customer success stories – the ability to make quick, impactful, proactive, data-driven decisions. From first-hand experience, these dairy producers spoke to the difference this advanced technology could make. Each person was willing to put their name behind Allflex. They were All In. Using this overarching theme, we helped develop a series of videos featuring dairy producers and the four benefits of using the Allflex Dairy Monitoring Technology: Labor Efficiency, Reproduction, Health & Wellness and Peace of Mind. The All In on Allflex microsite we helped create hosts the videos and features multiple ways to capture qualified leads or for users to request a quote.

Reaching our Target Audience.

Using key words and search terms through digital initiatives, we delivered the appropriate content to the right audience at the right time. Utilizing digital ads, triggered e-blasts, pre-roll video and social, we generated significant traffic to the microsite and boast a high engagement rate of 45.76%. These efforts have also generated 73 leads through the first six months of the campaign. The All In on Allflex brochure is another tool that provides field staff with an outcomes-based piece to share those testimonials in a real and tangible way. The brochure will be used in customer meetings, follow-up communications and a targeted mailing to help generate leads.