Bringing the farm

to the families.

Building one ownable brand

from two successful cooperatives.

Building a bridge between the city and the farm.

How do you convince busy Chicago families to trust the food grown in their state and trust the farmers who grew it? Rather than ask families to visit a farm to learn about their food, we partnered with Illinois Farm Families (IFF) to bring the farm to the families at one of the most popular street festivals in the city—Taste of Randolph.

A farm in the middle of the West Loop? Let’s do it!

IFF sought our help to create confidence in Illinois farming practices and build Chicago parents’ trust in Illinois farmers. Our team brought the life of the farm to a booth experience in the middle of the famous Chicago food and music festival. The kitchen pop up was decked out with interactive touchpoints for education about Illinois farming including a wall of farmers’ photos with QR codes to link to online stories, corn hole, kids activities, and an Instagram photobooth contest for the whole family.

Educating about Illinois farms, one festivalgoer at a time.

The booth was staffed with farm families and nutrition and dietetics influencers who were armed with talking points and handouts to help facilitate conversations about topics that matter to Chicago families.

Diving into the numbers.

Over the course of three days, we reached 80,000+ attendees at Taste of Randolph. Through eight different mediums, our digital and social efforts pre-, during and post-event reached over 122,000 users and were seen by Chicagoland parents over 170,000 times. We grew IFF’s overall Chicago social reach to 60% and between social contest and booth giveaways, we gave away over 5,000 branded swag items to promote the IFF brand.

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