Illinois Soybean Association

Our team of visionaries, armed with creativity and strategic prowess, embarked on a collaborative journey with the Illinois Soybean Association (ISA). Together, we harnessed the power of storytelling and cutting-edge marketing techniques to sow the seeds of success for this essential industry player. With a focus on consumers, stakeholders, channel partners, government and media, our campaigns showcased how ISA cultivates innovation, sustainability, impact and partnership, capturing hearts and minds far beyond the fields.

Building awareness for a priceless farmer resource.

ISA supports Illinois soybean growers in virtually every aspect of their businesses. But one of the most important services they provide is information. At, farmers can gain access to expert growing tips, research reports, webinars and an array of other tools to help them grow better beans. There was just one problem—no one knew it existed.

From planning and concept to design and execution, we helped ISA reach their target audience with a targeted print and digital campaign that grabbed attention with unexpected visuals and delivered users to this invaluable resource.


Print and digital.

“Create a video. Build a website. It’s stuff that’s relatively easy to do. What separates the ordinary from the extraordinary is the ability to connect with audiences in a meaningful way.”

Brandon Miller, Creative Director

Industry leader, actionable advice.

We collaborated on events such as Better Beans and Soy around the State to generate impactful connection opportunities for ISA. Through media tours, farm visits and farmer events, we helped demonstrate the many ways ISA invests checkoff dollars into programs and projects to advance the soybean industry and provide responsible stewardship. Pre, during and post event communications including PR, influencers and media campaigns helped deliver the right message at the right time.

Get Pumped Up! Biodiesel

Big on biodiesel.

ISA believes in the promise of better beans for a better world. As part of this dedicated purpose, their biodiesel initiative provides education and awareness to bring biodiesel into the future. We delivered outreach and awareness campaigns, “at the pump” tactics, video and collateral as well as events and PR.

Helping soybean growers gain carbon clarity. 

Participating in carbon programs presents farmers with the opportunity to earn and sell carbon offset credits for additional revenue. However, the complexities of project criteria, protocols for credit purchasing and the carbon marketplace can be challenging to navigate. CarbonSense was created to provide non-biased education about how carbon markets work, which practices sequester carbon and how Illinois soybean farmers can implement those sustainability practices on their farms. We created key messages, podcasts with industry leaders, an online content hub with mobile app, programmatic display ads, paid search, social media campaign, triggered eblasts and contextual print ads.

ISA loves its communities.

And they wanted to draw attention to the needs of those communities, especially their farmers. This initiative was geared towards influencers and stakeholders to provide awareness to the damaged infrastructure affecting the distribution of farmers’ soybeans. Guerrilla tactics included taking over a bridge in central Illinois to draw attention to the crisis.

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