A longtime partner in a highly technical space.

Turning complex genomics into clear, category-defining brands.

Zoetis—the largest animal health company in the world—needed a partner with the right DNA for branding its genetics portfolio. That meant thoroughly understanding, strategically branding, and effectively promoting highly technical offerings that ranged from genomic enhanced expected progeny difference evaluations (try saying that five times fast) to innovative blockchain solutions. Many of the brands have become synonymous with the market categories they helped develop.

“Our work with Zoetis Genetics led the advances within the industry itself, starting with the launch of genomic tests for specific cattle breeds and expanding to a wide range of animals and technological breakthroughs.”

Marcy Tessmann, President & CEO

Clarity Has Always Been Job One.

Our relationship with Zoetis began with the launch of genomic testing solutions for beef cattle producers. Amidst a blizzard of acronyms and big scientific words, we branded the offering in a way that clearly communicated to cow-calf operators the ultimate benefits of improved selection and greater breeding accuracy. This work was quickly followed by similar efforts in other markets. The result: HD50K, CLARIFIDE, INHERIT Select and other names became simple, compelling brands within their markets.

Combining Compelling Words with Decisive Actions.

Any successful branding effort needs to follow through with a full complement of paid, earned and owned communications. Mission accomplished. From webinars to trade shows, our work with Zoetis Genetics involved all the above. And when the pandemic made it impossible to hold large, in-person launch events, we nimbly transitioned to virtual alternatives. We also worked closely with industry associations and partners to spread the right word in the right way.