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farm kids. foodies.


farm kids. foodies.



We don’t just work in food and ag.

It’s our home—many of us since the day we were born. Some of us live on farms. Some of us live in the kitchen. And others simply live to eat. But what connects us all is that we are passionate about connecting the industries, communities and lifestyles of food and ag first. We just happen to also be world-class strategists, storytellers and artists.

So what does that mean for you?

It means we’ve studied every grain in the sandbox you play in. It means we speak the language of the people you want to talk to. It means we know where your industry is going and we already have a plan to get you out in front of it. And it means no one is going to go harder for you and your brand than we will.

A few more things about us you might be interested in.

we’re 100% employee-owned.

Which means we all have a piece of the pie and a little extra motivation to help you win.

our roots go back to 1992.

That’s almost three decades of going all in for food and ag.

we don’t consider ourselves vendors.

but courageous, collaborative partners. So don’t get too cozy in that comfort zone.

we think about you a lot.

Not in a weird way, but our goal is to make your brand shine and your life easy. So you’re always top of mind.

we’re super easy to work with.

We believe in open, honest lines of communication, sharing laughs as well as ideas and always remembering that we’re on the same team shooting at the same target.

if we were a food…

we’d be a ____________. (We’ll tell you at our first meeting.)