a webinar series for
anyone who hates pandemics


Dizzying days, aren’t they?

To help navigate these uncertain waters, we’re pivoting our popular Five-in-15 webinars to focus exclusively on the COVID-19 crisis—and what it all means for the food industry and agriculture post-lockdown.

Introducing the Food, Farms & the Future Series. In each 15-minute webinar, our CEO Mark Gale will hold a lively discussion with an industry expert. We’re all in this together—and this series is just another way we’re acting as food connectors who bring together different voices across the food system.


Agrifood’s Future: An Update on Recent Activity in the VC World.

Thursday, October 1st
12:10 pm CDT


Restaurant Reimagined: Insights and Inspiration from a Resilient Chef.

Thursday, September 10th
12:10 pm CDT


A First Look at Consumer Perceptions in the Age of COVID.

Thursday, August 20
12:10 pm CDT


Supply Chain, Evolving: A Beef Industry Insider Takes Stock of the Future.

Thursday, July 23
12:10 pm CDT


Thinking This Through: A Design Thinker’s Take on the Future of Ag and Food.

Thursday, July 9
12:10 pm CDT


Fate of the Plate: An Economic Recovery Report.

Thursday, June 18
12:10 pm CDT


Supply Chain, Disrupted: Impact Insights from the Farming Frontlines.

Thursday, June 4
12:10 pm CDT


Global Crisis, Local Challenges: Pandemic Perspectives from a Regional Grocer.

Thursday, May 21
12:10 pm CDT


Table for None: Preview of the Post-Pandemic Food World.

Thursday, May 7
12:10 pm CDT

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