State of the Plate Podcast

Food and agriculture impact every life on this planet, every single day. And keeping the food chain moving from farm to fork is big business. Join food and ag communications experts and industry advocates Brandon Miller and Rochelle Schnadt once a month as they chat about some of the leading stories from throughout the food chain impacting the business behind feeding the world—from innovation and legislation to market trends and consumer insights.


Episode 010: New Year, New Flavor Trends

In the first episode of the new year, we talk to David Banks of Bell Flavors and Fragrances about the hottest flavor trends of 2024, discuss ethical standards for social influencers and get fired up animal ag’s place in the climate change debate.

Episode 009: Ready for Dry January?

In this lighthearted holiday episode, we take a break from some of the more pressing food biz news to prepare for Dry January with facts about the low-to-no beverage trend and taste-testing some of the hottest non-alcoholic products on the shelf.

Episode 008: Skittle Me This

In this episode we dig into California’s cancellation of the red Skittle, serve up highlights from our Federal Milk Order conversation with Lucas Sjostrom and banter about the hottest 2023 holiday food trends. 

Bonus Episode: Lucas Sjostrom, Edge Dairy Cooperative

Due to the timeliness of this conversation, we’re not waiting for the full episode to get this content in your ears. Lucas Sjostrom, a managing director of Edge Dairy Cooperative, shares his insight on the Federal Market Order discussions as it relates to milk and other perishable U.S. commodities, while intersecting with the new Farm Bill and potential government shut down.

Episode 007: Peas, Do Tell

In this episode we dish out takes on the struggling U.S. pea protein market, have roundup discussions on the Women in Ag panel and World Dairy Expo, discuss the Halloween sugarflation phenomenon and countdown America’s least favorite candies.

Bonus Episode: Scott Marshall, Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin

We’re back with another bonus episode with a super-interesting person doing super-important work. Scott Marshall, Vice President of Development and Communications at Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin, joins us to talk about the impact of food insecurity in our own backyards and the amazing work they do to keep food on people’s tables.

Episode 006: Food Insecurity from All Angles

In this episode we serve up the latest update on the Farm Bill, chat about the latest label innovations helping to reduce food waste and talk with Amy Tranzillo about how her company, Agrofresh, is leading the charge to keep fresh produce fresher for longer. And because ‘tis the season, we’ll get into some pumpkin spice fun facts.

Food Innovation A La Carte

In this full interview with Chef Mike Haracz, Corporate Chef and Culinary Development Lead at Foodology by Univar Solutions, Chef Mike unveils his strategies for keeping up with dynamic food trends. From the surge of climate-conscious choices to deciphering consumer desires, Chef Mike shares how he stays ahead in an ever-evolving landscape.

Episode 005: Unpacking a Sustainable Future for Food

In this episode we discuss back-to-school food programs in the Farm Bill, have a magical conversation with a food innovation wizard, unpack sustainable food packaging and countdown the top foods that’ll be hardest to find in the rest of 2023.

Episode 004: Innovation is Delicious

In this episode we share what we learned at the IFT FIRST expo in Chicago and talk about the latest in Climate-Smart hiring, meat labels and a new innovation that’s part soybean, part pig.

Episode 003: A Sustainability Smorgasbord

In this episode we chat with NASDA CEO Ted McKinney about the future of food and achieving measurable sustainability, discuss a future that features a food-filled Mars, provide an update in the latest meat labeling legislation and taste test some truly horrifying social media food trends.

Episode 002: Climate Smart as the Main Course

In this episode we come at Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities from all angles, including which food and ag companies are teaming up, how innovation is making partnerships easier and one partnership that’s saving the rice supply, featuring special guest Jay McEntire, CEO of Arva Intelligence.

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