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Comprehensive campaign showcases the crew behind the clean.

Packers Sanitation Services Inc. (PSSI), North America’s #1 contract sanitation company, employs over 15,000 team members providing world-class cleaning to more than 500 food processing plants a day. But what really sets them apart is the quality of their people.

People are at the heart of everything PSSI does. But how do you communicate this belief as a true differentiator for clients? That’s where we came in. With no time to waste, we dove right in to concept, create and implement an end-to-end campaign that tells the emotional story of how PSSI—and their people—are redefining clean.


Brand strategy & development.

In the food production industry, there is no room for error when it comes to sanitation. And perfection can only be guaranteed by the quality and integrity of the people who deliver the services. Through an integrated campaign that included a customized landing page, print, sales collateral, trade show design, corporate communications and more, we told PSSI’s enlightening story of how their people’s passion, dedication and work ethic are redefining clean.

Best of show: NAMA 2017

The Redefine Clean campaign was recognized as the overall Best in Show winner (Badger region) at the 2017 National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) awards. The NAMA awards represent not only the most creative advertising in agriculture, they also factor in performance metrics and overall industry impact. We call that selling the sizzle and the steak.

To reflect their genuine nature and the real passion their team has for their jobs, we featured
PSSI’s skilled men and women who help them redefine clean every day.

Campaigns & communications.

Telling audiences about PSSI team members is great. But when you hear the passion from the people themselves, that’s when it really hits home. We created a testimonial video featuring Frank, one of PSSI’s dedicated team members, telling his personal story of his experiences and what it means to be a part of the PSSI team. The video was used with great success in many communications, notably as an eye-catching attraction within their IPPE booth and on the redefinecleanPSSI landing page.

A robust programmatic digital campaign was developed to target the very
specific market segment of food and beverage production facility managers.

“The team at Charleston|Orwig did an outstanding job telling the PSSI story using the real team members of our organization to bring out the emotion behind what PSSI is all about.”

Roger Beers, Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Corporate affairs.

When your business relies on people, you have to be absolutely sure you have the right ones. Employee retention can be a challenge, making it all the more critical to find and keep quality team members. Through corporate collateral, emails, presentations and a strong recruitment presence at the IPPE Career Fair, we collaborated with PSSI to ensure that only all-stars make the team.

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