Brand Camp

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Your brand is not to be taken lightly. It represents who you are and why you exist. It is the promise you make to your audiences for what you will deliver, how you will behave and, most importantly, how you will make them feel.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun building it.

Our truly unique Brand Camp offers a one-day, activity-packed session that brings together key stakeholders in your organization to discover, align and rally around your brand.

Through fun, interactive team exercises, we’ll help you put together all the building blocks of your brand, including:

Inspired adventure badge assembly ~ Which chow are we

Earn your creativity badge by exploring brand personality, essence and tone.

Seek and explore

Gather and grow the unique nuggets that make your brand stand out. Shape the path forward for each of your audiences.

Identity Crafting ~ The world is yours

Build a guide to greatness while traversing through what your brand is and is not.

Adventure Club

Gut check overall equity against the product truth, category disruption, cultural context and human truth.

“But, C|O,” you may be saying, “I already have some of that stuff figured out. Can Brand Camp still help?”

Absolutely. The best part about Brand Camp is that it’s completely scalable to the size of your organization and customizable to your needs and goals. So whether you’re a startup in the beginning stages of developing who you are or a long-standing corporation in need of a fresh new identity, we’ll tailor your camp—all the way down to each activity—so you get the outcomes you’re looking for.

Every brand has an ownable true north. Let us help you find it.

Brand Camp goes virtual.

We can’t all be together physically right now, but that doesn’t have to slow your brand down. Contact us today to find out how one of our virtual Brand Camps can help you thrive even in unprecedented times.