awareness & analysis of our food system.

Commissioned studies.

We always have our finger on the pulse of the food trends that are shaping the industry. But we don’t just Google the research somebody else has done (we do that too). We do our own through commissioned studies that answer our—and our clients’—specific and most timely questions. Then we share the results with the world.

Understanding alternative protein trends.

Alternative proteins, like Impossible Foods or Beyond Burger, have grown dramatically as a category. This research reveals what has driven that rise, what concerns consumers have and what to expect in the future.

Identifying solutions for retail frustrations.

COVID-19 hit restaurants and foodservice hard. But what effects has it had on the grocery industry? We partnered with Maeve Webster of MenuMatters to understand consumers’ attitudes, concerns and behaviors about browsing the food aisles amid the pandemic.

Sustainability in a pandemic.

More and more consumers are demanding sustainability from their food sources, and companies aren’t getting a COVID-19 pass. See how consumer consciousness is continuing to climb regardless of our societal situation.

Industry white paper.

There’s nothing more thrilling than cozying up with a good white paper, said probably no one ever. Until now. Because these white papers are filled with the latest flavor trends and industry info that food and ag professionals want and need to know.

Plated Perspectives: Innovation drives results in any news cycle, even this one.

While it’s tempting to put innovation on hold during challenging times, the opposite might be the right course of action. Using published research and insights from a seasoned trendwatcher, this report can help you navigate moving forward even when you feel held back.

Interested in more?

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