Building the brand promise into

a brand’s new identity.

Graybill? Graybill? Is that you?

When a regional company, Graybill Processing, decided to overhaul its brand identity, they turned to us—and our proven process—as the first step on the path to eventual success. The company, which turns food manufacturing byproducts into quality resources for livestock producers, feed suppliers and others, wanted to take its circular economy brand promise to the next level. And that’s just what happened.

Solution: Step back to move forward.

As we often do when the ultimate success of a rebranding initiative is at stake, we first assembled key stakeholders at an event we call BrandCamp. Well, sort of. While we typically hold these activity-filled workshops at an offsite location, we pivoted this BrandCamp by doing a virtual meeting at the height of the pandemic. As always, though, taking a step back and engaging in fun, meaningful brand discovery and commitment activities allowed all “campers” to assess where the Graybill brand had been and, more importantly, where it should go next.

“One distinctive of our branding process is its scalability to the specific needs of each client. Some include multiple voices from across the organization, while others involve a smaller core of key stakeholders. What’s best for the brand’s long-term success is what ultimately drives us forward.”

– Jennifer Wallace, EVP of Creative Services

AmpliSource: A new name and ethos.

Why rebrand to AmpliSource? Because they inspire the food supply chain to find undeniable benefits from unexpected sources, and they needed a unique name to match that unique effort. No one else provides a service quite like they do, turning one company’s excess byproducts into another’s exceptional rations. No one else can truly amplify every advantage. So AmpliSource was born.

Campaign: Finding the edge in a circle.

Energized by a new name and a refined purpose, we helped AmpliSource grow beyond their former regional confines with a strategic campaign that informed and inspired. The challenge came in finding the right messaging that spoke to two distinct audiences in manufacturers and farmers. Through print, digital and social posts we honed in on the place where AmpliSource transforms the food chain into a sustainable circle, delivering environmental and economic victories.

Here’s our thought. What if the food chain, was actually more of a food circle? What would that world look like? That’s the question that drives our work each day. It’s at the heart of why we amplify every advantage. See our commitment.

Are you a visual learner? We sure are. That’s why we like to put our sustainability push into fun-fact snapshots. Like this—our byproduct diversion efforts have saved enough water for a city of 45,000. Pretty great, huh? That’s just one way we amplify every advantage. See sustainable solutions.

Spread awareness with over 200K impressions
Interested audience with strong engagement rate at 7.38%

We love strong brands almost as much as we love food.

The AmpliSource story is the sort of tale we love telling over and over because it’s an example of how strong brands can make a positive difference when they have a great story to tell that everyone can and does get behind. We are grateful for any opportunity to find partners who understand the importance of irresistible brands and want to discipline their processes to get the best ultimate outcomes.

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