Launching an unprecedented

partnership to change the world.

IVCC is the only Product Development Partnership (PDP) working in vector control with a global mission to save lives, protect health and increase prosperity by preventing insect-borne diseases. Our early campaigns with the organization were targeted at awareness and marking milestones of the movement.

Branding history.

Never before had five of agriculture’s titans of industry come together toward a common goal that could literally change the world. So when our partners, IVCC, together with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, united the world’s largest crop protection companies to work together to help eradicate malaria by the year 2040, they looked to us to help tell their story in a big way—with strategy, style and impact. The first step was creating a memorable name, logo and complete brand around the initiative. And ZERO by 40 was born.

Making a splash on the world stage.

When you make history, the best place to announce it is in front of the world. We helped IVCC and the partner members of ZERO by 40 make their commitments known in front of Earth’s most influential people at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, supported by impactful presentation and support materials, as well as a full-scale PR campaign to maximize the incredible story’s reach.

“ZERO by 40 had the unique mission of making a difference with a purpose driven brand. It brought together an industry from across a competitive landscape to do good.”

– Matt Olson, Account Supervisor

Ongoing support of the cause.

The path to eradicating malaria by 2040 takes long-term commitment and nurturing. And it is imperative to communicate the progress, achievements and goals with stakeholders. In addition to creating an interactive microsite where breakthroughs can be announced and updates can be shared, we continue to support the effort with progress report design, social media posts and templates and anything else we can provide to do our part in changing the world for good.

Malaria wreaks havoc on a global scale, infecting, incapacitating and/or killing tens of millions of people every year. Our friends at Innovative Vector Control Consortium (IVCC) have been quietly doing their part fighting malaria by developing new public health insecticides. But the time to be quiet about their great work had passed.

We partnered with IVCC to get the word out explaining exactly what they do to combat insect-borne disease, while also instilling a sense of urgency about insecticide resistance. We created a multifaceted global campaign that helped fast-track insecticide development, raise awareness for World Malaria Day and engage philanthropic organizations, such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to support IVCC.

The result was more people connecting with the organization, more awareness and more lives being saved.

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