Uniting products

under one shield.

Solving a brand identity crisis.

Papillon Agricultural Company produces premium nutritional products that support nutritionists and producers seeking to maximize feed efficiency and performance. Papillon has a broad portfolio of science-driven products with proven track records.

What they needed was cohesion among their various product brands to provide recognition as a total nutrition solution.

“With a variety of product categories in our portfolio, creating a cohesive brand has been a challenge. We also struggled to convey who we are as a team, which ultimately is what sets us apart as an organization. C.O.nxt helped connect the dots between what we do and why we do it to create a brand that reflects the quality of our products and team philosophy.”

– Jessica Gard, Papillon Agricultural Company marketing manager

Aligning at camp.

To unearth what really separates Papillon in a competitive field, we gathered key stakeholders ‘round for a full-day brand camp to discover, align and rally around cohesive messaging and strategy. This was the opportunity to transform the house of brands into a branded house. A series of lively activities were eventually transformed into a brand playbook.

Creating a campaign: Where there’s a shield, there’s a way.

Armed with Papillon’s power position of consistently high quality and customizable solutions, we developed a campaign that highlights each product as a top-tier member of a world-class family, positioning the shield as the connective tissue that lets producers and nutritionists know that whenever they see it, they can be confident that they’re supported by an entire lineup of proven, quality products. And if they can’t find the solution they’re looking for, we can help find it for them.

Seeing strength in the shield.

We have the strategy. We have the concept. Now it’s time to put it to work. Through an integrated campaign highlighted by captivating print and digital executions, we directed audiences to landing pages where they had the opportunity to download premium content by telling us a little about themselves. The campaign connected all of the communications together with consistent messaging combined with creative and captivating design.

No stone was left unturned. We re-skinned Papillon’s website with the new messaging, look and feel to provide a consistent experience up and down the consumer funnel. Now, no matter where you look for Papillon, you see the strength of the shield.