Connecting to the

deeper meaning behind ag technology.

Leading with why.

Precision leaf-level insights from every acre of every field delivered directly to crop advisors’ fingertips—anytime, anywhere. That’s what Taranis crop intelligence does. But in order to make true emotional connections with your audiences, you have to go beyond what you do and lead with why you do it. So we took Taranis on a Brand Camp adventure to dig deep into what their groundbreaking technology, process and services truly mean for growers, the industry and the future prosperity of their very way of life.


”Taranis represents the future of precision agriculture and a leading edge of prosperity in rural communities. Whenever we get to collaborate with ground-breaking, innovative partners who want to make a difference in their communities and around the world—that’s a good day.”

Branding for disruption.

With their newly defined reason to exist at the core, we helped Taranis build a fully formed brand designed to help this industry newcomer announce their presence and distinguish themselves from competitors. Armed with a unique brand story, memorable personality, impactful visual style guide and resonating key messages, Taranis was ready to greet the world as a bona fide groundbreaker.

A buzz is in the air.

Awareness. It’s the first step in the buyer journey. Before people even consider your products or services—much less buy them—they have to know who you are. Through an integrated teaser campaign including print, digital, radio and more, along with a strategic public relations effort, we created Taranis buzz louder than the whirring of their advanced aerial drones. As a result, awareness skyrocketed and audiences were enticed to take the next step in the journey.