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The best way to stay connected with your audiences in this uncharted era isn’t through product promotion and traditional marketing—it’s through lending a helping hand. The most successful companies during this time are shifting to new marketing strategies that include initiatives and offers that help their audiences cope. Follow these examples for how you can keep your brand relevant and favorable by helping to ease stress and simplify these challenging times.

The Power of Peace of Mind.

Health and safety have never been more top of mind. To help its members reassure customers about the safety of their fresh fruits and vegetables, The Produce Marketing Association launched a consumer marketing campaign titled the Joy of Fresh, complete with a toolbox of resources to help proprietors communicate the campaign with their audiences.

It Takes a Village.

With schools, restaurants and pretty much everything else closed down, families are scrambling for help in educating and entertaining their children as well as keeping up with family life’s demands.

Organizations like the National Corn Growers Association, Case IH and Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. have posted coloring pages online to give kids some much needed fun. Michaels® craft store hosts a Facebook live stream every Wednesday with a fun family activity. Chefs are hosting virtual cooking classes.

If your company has anything to offer that can help reduce the stress of today’s home life, now is the time to offer it.

Rethink the Existence of a Free Lunch.

Businesses and consumers are both hurting right now. Help boost your sales and alleviate those hurt by the economic downturn with giveaways, discounts and waived fees—no strings attached.

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association unlocked all Cattlemen’s College recordings, and the National Agri-Marketing Association is hosting free webinars for its members. Restaurants including McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Subway and Chipotle Mexican Grill are waiving delivery fees for a limited time through services like Grubhub and Uber Eats. And the list goes on.

Anything you can offer right now will go a long way with consumers. But try to avoid BOGOs or any other specials that require something of the consumer.

Business Helping Business.

It’s not just consumers that need help. Businesses are struggling too. If you’re a B2B marketer or association, offer up whatever resources you have to help.

Food and Beverage Wisconsin is helping match businesses forced to downsize with those who need to hire. The National ESOP Association—of which C.O.nxt is a proud employee-owned member—is providing needed information and hosting digital roundtables to help companies get through this.

Deliberate Acts of Kindness.

Lastly, always follow one simple rule: start with humanity. If you’re in a position to do so, help your community and amplify your social good across your social media.

Many companies are doing this and doing it well. One of note is McCormick & Company. They’re supporting local food banks and food-related organizations in over 20 countries and tastefully getting the word out.

If you can, help. Audiences will notice. But more importantly, the world needs it.

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