First kale, then quinoa, even the trusty cauliflower has taken a turn as America’s super veggie.

All that changes this week as the often overlooked mealtime sidekick, the potato, steps into the industry spotlight at United Fresh.

Consumers, too, will see potatoes like they’ve never seen them before. Maybe you know potatoes are packed with blood-pressure-lowering potassium, or as much Vitamin C as broccoli, but have you ever seen a potato do this?

This new initiative is part of an all-media brand refresh by Black Gold Farms, a fourth-generation North Dakota growing, shipping and packing company, owned by the Halverson family.

Combining original family values with state-of-the-art technology, the Halversons grow potatoes year-round in 10 states, shipping over 500 million pounds annually. That’s red, sweet and chip potatoes.

Like any thriving company, they are striving to find new growth and market products to a wider variety of customers and consumers.

Black Gold Farms is doing it by rallying behind its higher cause: to be the most helpful, grateful food brand there is by simply sharing their story.

Time, energy and marketing dollars are being spent on activities that support their higher cause like unique retailer partnerships for locally grown initiatives and in-school programs aimed at inspiring kids to eat healthy and get outside to play.

Says Leah Brakke, director of marketing at Black Gold Farms, “We want to make sure we’re connecting what we’re doing in the field and on the farm to what we do in our communities.”

“It’s about always digging deeper whether we’re producing good food, giving back to the community or protecting our good earth. Digging deeper is more than words—it’s a way of life.”

Be sure to let us know if you get a Wedgie at United Fresh.