The way people consume information seems to change by the minute. In order to make the strongest connections with audiences, we all must understand how and why they interact and adjust our strategies accordingly. This is where we think the world of food system marketing is going in 2017 and how you can use these trends to help your brand shine.


  1. Transparency – Inquiring minds want to know!: Consumers continue to make food decisions based on their knowledge (or lack thereof!) of where/how their food is produced. Companies that invite consumers in and engage them in “the story” will tend to have more influence on how their ideologies are shaped.
  1. Empowering Employees and Millennial Activation – Employees, millennials in particular, want to have direct impact on the causes they care most about. Inviting internal stakeholders into the development and communication of CSR efforts can result in having significantly more impact by engaging employees to be authentic advocates for larger efforts.
  1. Corporate and NGO Partnerships – Many of the issues that matter today require collaboration across multiple stakeholders. Partnerships between non-profits, which typically don’t have the budgets to execute significant initiatives, and corporations, which don’t tend to have the consumer trust and local influence to actually move the needle, will be more important than ever in 2017.


  1. Minimalism – Less is more in 2017. The continuation of responsive modular layouts to house dynamic and original content. Expect to see more modern and simplified logos. Flat and material design continue to create a sturdy foundation in digital experiences. Memphis Style re-emerges and incorporates jazzy vector graphics and colors in a restrained palette (See Spotify’s latest campaign).
  1. Typography – This is the year to go BIG. Copy is supported by high contrast and visually large typefaces, especially in digital. Sans serifs continue to edge out more decorative fonts to create sleek and thoughtful impact.
  1. Animation & Video – It’s still a thing. Create emphasis for and around content through the use of motion, especially with cinemagraphs. Keep an eye out for impressive drone footage, conceptual uses of typography within video and bold uses of video in web experiences.


  1. Content Marketing2017 will continue to see the growth of branded content (articles, video, and more) in favor of traditional display advertising. A strong content marketing strategy will help you break through the clutter and give your brand a unique voice. The best content is shareable, personable and tells a story.
  1. Custom Experiences More and more, customers are expecting personalized experiences. Through programmatic techniques, advertisers can leverage data to tailor their message, timing and experience for each individual user. This allows us to finally realize the old adage, “The right message to the right person at the right time.”
  1. A Shift Toward MobileIn October 2016, mobile web traffic overtook desktop for the first time in history. While advertisers are continuing to shift toward mobile, they haven’t quite kept pace with this massive shift in traffic. By transitioning at least a portion of your spend to mobile now, you’ll find a competitive advantage in a less crowded marketplace.


  1. Live Video – With 3 times the engagement of pre-recorded content, watch for live video to explode in 2017. Not sure where to start? Consider enhancing your regular PR tactics by sharing company news and product announcements via live video across social channels.
  1. Virtual Reality – VR adoption at live events will increase as more companies embrace immersive technology to offer potential customers a birds-eye view of their products and facilities. Get inspired by one airline’s move to recreate an in-flight experience and virtual vacation at a travel trade show in Berlin.
  1. Social Messaging – Recent research reveals the top four social messaging apps have a greater combined audience than the top four social networks. Brands that offer consumers personalized, customer service chat options will win the hearts and minds of millennials who prefer this form of communication.

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