We live our brand by helping others live theirs. We’re at our best when we can roll up our sleeves and truly partner with our clients to create great work that’s strategic (always) and groundbreaking.

An example of this is our work with Black Gold Farms, the North Dakota potato operation that we are enthusiastically cheering on this week at PMA Fresh Summit.

While we developed a creative approach conveying Black Gold Farm’s unique message across all facets of the business, their team allowed us to grow our knowledge of the fresh food industry. Our commitment went as far as planting and harvesting our own crop of potatoes in the C.O.nxt garden! Here’s a few other things we learned.


The recipe for success on this project, and many others like it, relies on prime ingredients like great communication (open and often), a brand story that’s passionate and inspiring, and a client that’s not only willing to step out of their comfort zone but also has a deep-rooted passion for what they do.


Establish a vision, then set your goals. Partner with the client to bring to life the brand story and ensure that you live it together. Continuously inspire each other to live by the mission and values.

Dig together. Extend this client-agency partnership to your work. Operate instinctively, with a shared vision that inspires every team member to support and engage others while focusing on the goal.
Enjoy the process. Approach projects with positivity, openness and humor. When you establish an environment where wins are for everyone and failures are for learning and growing, ideas will keep flowing freely.

Embrace the unconventional. Evaluate projects with big-picture thinking regardless of time or budget limits. Be open to tried and true approaches—and those completely improvised or uncharted. You might end up not just loving what you do, but living it.


See for yourself!

Published On: October 20th, 2015Categories: Brand Strategy and Development

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Our team of subject matter experts focuses on food and agriculture—farm field to processing to entrée on a plate. We can help you build a new brand, protect an old one or target customers to foster sales. Let’s talk when the time is right to handle your next strategic marketing and communications challenge: Marcy Tessmann, marcy@co-nxt.com.


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