It’s short. It’s sweet. It says what you do. It’s the explainer video. It’s a great way to engage consumers and customers and deliver the why to buy, and it’s achievable even on a modest budget. The hard part is to get it right.

So your artichokes are legendary. No one grows hydroponic greens like you. Your technology will revolutionize the world. Sharing your story through an explainer video should be part of your marketing strategy.

It doesn’t have to be an award winner, but it should demonstrate to your target audience (in 90 seconds or less and in no more than 250 words) why you are uniquely positioned to solve their issue or challenge.

So, explainer video in review:

Script is key. Invest in sound before style. Onscreen titles can be as effective as a voiceover talent. (Yes, hire a professional.) Test video thoroughly before sharing. As in: ensure it plays well (in an easy, sharable format on necessary platforms) and that you get favorable feedback from a relevant test audience. Make sure it works seamlessly on mobile! Finally, analytics. How are you capturing views? And how are you converting viewers into brand lovers?

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