Since the start of time, everyone has talked about the weather. The difference now is it’s just one piece of a much larger, more precise and increasingly actionable data picture. Seriously, it seems everyone these days is gathering, sorting, interpreting and using data to drive their companies forward—or at least hoping that’s what is happening. But with so much information out there and so many voices stating their opinions, how can you know for sure?

Speaking intelligently about all that intelligence

To learn how data drives some of the most important decisions and innovations around today, we sat down with Greg Berger, Global Director, Customer Insights & Growth Marketing at The Climate Corporation. The lively, fast paced and inspiring conversation was part of our ongoing Food, Farms & the Future webinar series. Here are five key takeaways.

  1. The Most Relevant Data Drives the Most Relevant Decisions: There’s no question that making the most of data is necessary for any company hoping to remain relevant and thrive. Our conversation touched on some important ways data is helping to predict future customer needs—and how tools like Net Promoter Score are only the beginning.
  2. CRM Is More Than Just Datasets: According to Greg Berger, it’s important to view CRM as more than a data warehouse. Better to view it as a multi-dimensional tool that can and should be part of a much-larger data picture, driving the ways a company interacts with its customers and each other—in real time.
  3. Farming at the Crossroad of All Crossroads: Thanks to data, machine learning and artificial intelligence, farming is on the cusp of incredible new possibilities. This moment really is unlike any that went before. In our conversation, Greg Berger outlines important considerations and strategies for leveraging all that data in the most beneficial ways.
  4. Gather Global, Act Local: Global data frameworks can lose their meaningfulness if they lack regional execution, according to Greg Berger. Companies that embrace this reality will put themselves in the best possible position for success in both the present and the future.
  5. Customization and Privacy, Please: Our conversation also covered one of the most critical discussions occurring today: the role of data in society. Customers will increasingly demand the benefits of customization without sacrificing control over their privacy interests. And the most successful companies will find that sweet spot between customization and control that gives customers both.

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You won’t want to miss this webinar about one company’s dynamic, dramatic, this-changes-everything pivot—and be sure to sign up using the form below if you’d like to receive similar content or be considered as a featured guest in a future Food, Farms & the Future conversation.

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Published On: January 25th, 2021Categories: Campaigns and Communication

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