Introducing Disruptive Creative. The definition is quite simple––create revolutionary value to separate yourself from the current landscape and subsequently “disrupt” what’s happening today in hopes of helping to redefine tomorrow.

Of course, it is easier said than done. So what can help you gauge greatness? Here are four things to consider:

1. Create a culture of change.

This seems like an important first step for your brand. We should not admire perfection, but instead perseverance. To be bold is to try, to tweak, to try, to learn, to ask, to listen. To try.

Disruptive Creative without perseverance is fleeting, adding noise to an already cluttered landscape. But true Disruptive Creative that is backed by a story, by sweat, by heart has the chance to create a moment. A moment of pause, of patience, of ability. That creative can change a brand with lasting effects.

Now in its third year, the Honey Maid® “This Is Wholesome” campaign champions change via acceptance. The stories are poignant yet simple. And even in the face of adversity, the brand continues to anchor its message in positivity.

2. There is glory in small victories.

Today can be the day. Create scalable strategies, pilot programs, test cases. Then, follow your gut. Swing for the fences and celebrate if you make it on base. Disruptive innovation is meant to become a model for future change as well as a confirmation of success. It is something to build on. Being more than a relevant player but actually trying a new game. European grocer Intermarche championed inglorious produce and created a market for ugly fruits and veggies. The campaign pushed people’s behavior and shed a light on food waste.

The same can be said for Waitrose Supermarket which ran a “Live from the Farm” campaign, giving shoppers direct access to see where their dairy is sourced. Connecting curious consumers to this type of content can be critical for a brand to lead the conversation around food transparency.

3. 1+1=X

Never underestimate the power of collaboration. Unlikely brand partners with like-minded vision can create powerful waves. Waves that can actually save water as in the #EveryDropCampaign hosted by Colgate and Marriott. These two brands built loyalty by coming together for good.

Perhaps it is time to seek new relationships, pursue extreme outlets. Connect with people who value their craft as much as you do. Even elephants and puppies can make brand magic. That X factor is out there.

4. Be afraid.

Fear that waiting on others to do it first will prove that it’s ok to do. Indecision is not an option. Nor is subtlety. Creating a moment for competitors to measure against is good. Creating a movement for your audience to change and grow is disruptive.

Let’s get moving.

Creative and caffeinated. Jennifer Wallace, Creative Director. Wicked-good designer. Keeps our team buzzed. Relevant experience: Many years driving creative for branding giants like McDonald’s®, ARM & HAMMER™, Sargento®,Unilever®, SC Johnson®and Heineken®.

Published On: May 18th, 2016Categories: Campaigns and Communication

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