Ready for a podcast that dives deeper into the food system, provides exclusive insights and delivers thought-provoking discussions on the ever-evolving landscape? Our team is thrilled to announce the launch of “State of the Plate,” an exciting new podcast hosted by two of our employee-owners that accomplishes all of that and more.

For 15 years, our team of farm kids and foodies have been serving up food system insights on our State of the Plate blog. This companion podcast hosted by food and ag communications experts, Brandon Miller and Rochelle Ripp Schnadt, dives into the pressing issues, exciting trends and ground-breaking innovations shaping the food industry today. As the way we consume media has broadened, our team is excited to offer this additional platform for ag and food insights. With engaging conversations featuring industry experts, food entrepreneurs, and sustainability champions, the podcast offers a 360-degree view of the food system.

Offering a fresh perspective.

We want to offer a fresh perspective on the challenges and opportunities in the agriculture and food industries,” notes co-host Brandon Miller, Creative Director at C.O.nxt. “This podcast is an excellent resource for everyone, from consumers to food professionals, seeking to stay informed about the dynamic world of food through fun and casual conversations.”

“Whether it’s plant-based protein or clean labels, we work hard to determine how to provide those solutions to our customers. As chefs, we find ourselves navigating through the dynamic landscape of consumer preferences. What do they want in their food? What don’t they want in their food? Is there a way to make formulations cheaper or net neutral?”

“‘State of the Plate’ represents our continued commitment to fostering transparency and knowledge-sharing in the industry,” says co-host Rochelle Ripp Schnadt, Senior PR Supervisor at C.O.nxt, emphasizing the significance of open dialogues about policy, innovation, and consumer trends in the agriculture and food sectors.”

"‘State of the Plate’ represents our commitment to fostering transparency and knowledge-sharing in the industry." - Rochelle Ripp Schnadt

Listeners can tune in to “State of the Plate” on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Each episode promises a captivating exploration of the state of the food industry, offering valuable insights for both industry insiders and curious food enthusiasts.

The State of the Plate podcast kicked off with rousing discussions around what food and ag organizations are looking for from the Farm Bill, how the beef market is trending, poultry gene editing technology and one new way AI is reshaping food industry research.

In this episode we come at Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities from all angles, including which food and ag companies are teaming up, how innovation is making partnerships easier and one partnership that’s saving the rice supply, featuring special guest Jay McEntire, CEO of Arva Intelligence.

I'm hungry

In this episode we chat with NASDA CEO Ted McKinney about the future of food and achieving measurable sustainability, discuss a future that features a food-filled Mars, provide an update in the latest meat labeling legislation and taste test some truly horrifying social media food trends.

In this episode we share what we learned at the IFT FIRST expo in Chicago and talk about the latest in Climate-Smart hiring, meat labels and a new innovation that’s part soybean, part pig.

In this episode we discuss back-to-school food programs in the Farm Bill, have a magical conversation with a food innovation wizard, unpack sustainable food packaging and countdown the top foods that’ll be hardest to find in the rest of 2023. Stick around for our ‘a la carte’ episode with Chef Mike to hear additional insights into the dynamic food industry.

To listen to “State of the Plate” and to learn more about C.O.nxt, visit If you’re interested in being a guest or have a suggestion for the podcast, email Join us on this exciting journey as we delve into the fascinating world of food!

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