Big things ahead as C.O.nxt acquires Jigsaw.

C.O.nxt and Jigsaw, a full-service Milwaukee-based ad agency, have just finalized an agreement for Jigsaw to become part of the C.O.nxt family of enthusiastic employee-owners, and we couldn’t be more excited.


Because we believe in growing stronger. Together we have more resources and versatility to deliver for our clients and the industry like never before, pushing our potential even higher and positioning our ESOP for continuous growth.

Because we believe in digging deeper. Jigsaw brings many added capabilities that bolster our stable of services, including more top-notch creative minds and robust digital and media teams that expands how we can help clients communicate in today’s landscape.

And because we believe in going bigger. We’re focused on doing what’s best for our clients, our industry and our community. So when we see an opportunity to show up even greater in that pursuit, we take it. And now, as a team of 50, we’re armed with even more vision, even more talent, even more capabilities and even more passion. Because that’s how you spark greatness.

There will be more information to come outlining specific details, so stay tuned. For now, just get excited for the future. We certainly are.

Published On: February 28th, 2023Categories: Brand Strategy and Development

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