More and more consumers are demanding transparency from food producers. 63 percent of US adults believe food/beverage label information is either very or extremely important. But what is it that they want to know? We partnered with Menu Matters to conduct a nationwide survey asking exactly that. The answer, in short, is everything.

So if consumers get their wish, here’s what the food label of the future could look like.

  1. 3% of adult consumers want labels to clearly indicate the product’s benefits.
  2. More than ever before, consumers want to align themselves with products that share their values. 11.7% of consumers want companies to list their practices and values on labels. Another 7.8% want to know the company’s background or story.
  3. Consumers not only want to know what’s in their food and beverage products, they want to know where it comes from. 44% of consumers want to see ingredient sourcing on product labels. And the label of the future will have to keep the language simple. 24% believe language on labels is overly scientific.
  4. Not only do 71.2% of adults want nutritional information clearly listed, it’s required by the FDA. So that classic table we all recognize isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, the FDA has recently set guidelines requiring more information be listed.
  5. 5% want allergen information clearly listed on the label.
  6. 5% of consumers want to know exactly where the product was made.
  7. 4% of adult consumers want labels to clearly list growers and production sources.

Published On: February 22nd, 2018Categories: Brand Strategy and Development

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